How big is the Aquadoula Birth Pool?

The diameter is 140 cm/55″ and the height is 23.5″.

What is the difference between an Aquadoula and Aquaborn pool?

Aquadoula has a built in heater so you don’t need to keep adding hot water to it.

Aquaborn is an inflatable pool. You can not have a heater in any inflatable pool.

They both hold almost the same amount of water.

How do I set up the pool?

The manual with complete step by step instructions for set up as well as the heating unit is included in the rental. The blue tarp provided should be used to protect the floor and surrounding area from water.

How long does it take to set up the tub?

For someone who is familiar with the AquaDoula or has read through the instructions carefully, it can take about 15 minutes to set up. If you are unfamiliar with the pool, it might more likely take about 30 minutes. The time taken to fill the pool with water depends on your water pressure and hot water supply. The shortest fill time would be about fifteen minutes, however if you need to wait for your water heater to reheat the water for another couple of fill cycles, it may take up to an hour. Place the pool lid over the pool between fillings.

How do I fill the pool?

Start filling the tub with hot water from the faucet. Once the water runs cool, turn it off and wait for the water heater to recover. Once the water heater has recovered, start filling the pool again. You want to keep the temperature of the water at around 100F / 37.7C. Once you get it filled and at the desired temperature, plug the heater in. When filling the pool initially you will use warm/hot water. On average it will hold between 150 – 175 gallons which is a little more than a hot water tank at home which usually holds 150 gallons. Use the hose provided along with the universal tap adapter.

When can I get in the pool?

A woman should be encouraged to use the pool to labour in whenever she wants. However, if a mother chooses to get into the pool in early labor, before her contractions are strong and close together and have an established pattern, the water may relax her enough to slow or stop labor altogether. That is why some midwives suggest staying out of the pool or limiting the use of the pool until labor patterns are established and the cervix is dilated to at least 5 centimeters. Each and every situation should be assessed on its own.

Some mothers find a bath in early labor useful for its calming effect and to determine if labor has actually started. If contractions are strong and regular, no matter how dilated the cervix is, a bath might be in order to help the mother to relax enough to facilitate dilation. The first hour of relaxation in the pool is usually the best and can often help a woman achieve complete dilation quickly.

How long can I labour in the pool?

You and your midwife will discuss how long to stay in and whether or not you need to come out. If getting in the water slows things down, coming out of the tub and using gravity for a bit can be enough to move things along so you can get back in.

How does the water stay warm?

In an Aquadoula, once the pool is filled, there is a fully grounded heater to keep the water at a stable temperature. The heater is plugged in once the pool has been filled to the indicated water level. If you are labouring in and out of the water, we suggest you cover the pool to keep the heat inside.

In an Aquaborn, you’ll have to add hot water to it every once in a while.

Where should I put the pool?

That is absolutely up to you. We suggest you find a place that is private, somewhere you feel safe and secure. Placing it in a draft free area and on a solid, flat surface is important. Consider also what is covering the floor; floor coverings that are not carpet are usually colder but putting the tarp provided underneath the pool will waterproof the area and give an added layer between the cooler floor and the birth pool. If you are planning to birth in the tub, it is important for the tub to be accessible from all sides so find an area that you can leave leave a space of 2-3 feet all around the tub. If you are planning to use the tub for your labor only, it can be placed somewhere with more limited access. Make sure that there is a electrical outlet close by so the heating unit can be plugged in. Before you fill the tub, sit in it and make sure you feel comfortable and safe there.

How do I empty the pool?

Emptying the pool is quite easy. There is a submersible pump and blue hose included in the kit; this hose should be used to empty the pool after your birth. This is placed in the pool and once turned on, it will take about 30 minutes to drain. The liner can then be then discarded.

How should and when do I reserve a pool?

As soon as you have decided that a water birth is right for you, please contact Shaz by telephone (604-340-6684) or email ( and a rental agreement will be emailed to you. A non-refundable deposit of $100 is required to reserve the pool. We suggest you reserve your pool 10 weeks prior to your birthing time; the pool will be delivered to you during your 37th week. The balance of the payment is due upon delivery of the pool.

What if I decide last minute that I would like to use a birthing pool?

We will try to accomodate your request if we have a pool available; if we do not have one for your use, we are happy to put you in touch with another company who also offers a similar quality pool.

How should I return the pool to you?

The pool should be clean and dry before it is packed up inside the tote. Once it is ready to be collected, please contact Shaz at 604-340-6684 or email ( and we will arrange a mutually convenient time to come to you.

Is the pool cleaned before I use it?

Each rental comes complete with new disposable  liner.