What are the benefits of using TENS during my labour?

TENS machines have been used for many years.  Each unit is compact and attaches to your belt or around your neck.  Some of the benefits are:

  • It is entirely safe, non-invasive and free from unwelcome side effects.
  • It is completely safe for you and your baby.
  • Does not impair your body’s natural responses to childbirth.
  • Can be used to deliver gentle relief for postpartum pain including pain associated with recovery from cesarean births.
  • Easy to use whilst you sleep for continual effectiveness.
  • You can keep moving while using it.
  • You can use it for as long as you want and take it off if you want or need to.
  • You control it.
  • It’s easy to use.

How long is the TENS rental period?

  • TENS machine rentals are provided throughout British Columbia for a 4 weeks period.  It is usually shipped during your 37th week and should be shipped to back to us 48hrs after your baby is here or two weeks after your birthing date.

How is the TENS rental unit shipped to me?

  • We will ship your unit of choice to the address provided on the Rental Agreement in a durable,reusable cardboard box. We also provide a return envelope complete with postage so all you need to do is ship everything back to us in the box and envelope provided after you have your baby – easy!

How do I reserve my TENS rental unit?

  • Simply contact me for availability and I’ll send you one after you make your payment.

What is included in my TENS rental?

  • Your rental includes:  1 TENS machine with working batteries, set of 2 spare batteries, 3 leads, 1 pack of electrodes (new, never opened), 1 neck cord, 1 Carrying bag, 1 set of instructions for use, 1 booklet “A women’s guide to drug free pain relief”.  Please read the instruction booklet and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give me a ring.

Can I combine TENS with other medication?

  • Yes, analgesics prescribed during labour can be used in combination with TENS, if you need them.

Can I use TENS in the hospital?

  • Absolutely.  TENS is frequently used by birthing mothers in hospitals as well as at home.   Used at the onset on regular contractions, TENS provides effective, non invasive relief.

Can I use TENS if I am considering a water birth?

  • Yes, but not in the water itself.  TENS must be removed prior to entering into water including the shower.  It is the perfect compliment to any home OR hospital birth.

Is everyone a candidate for TENS use?

  • TENS should be used in accordance with the accompanying instructions and guidelines.  If you have a cardiac pace maker you should NOT use TENS.  If you suffer from epilepsy or undiagnosed pain, you should consult your medical care provider prior to use.

What else should I know about TENS?

  • TENS machines are quite often claimed under your Extended Health Benefits so the rental fee is refunded to you through your insurer.
  • The Obi TENS, the Elle TENS and Elle TENS Plus are available for a four week rental.  The cost of the unit does not include shipping.
  • Take the pads off at least every 12 hours.
  • If the pads feel less sticky, add a few drops of water and rub into the gel side of the pad before reapplying them. This ensures that they stick well and make good contact with your back.
  • Keep moving! Moving around during labour helps you to feel in control and will make TENS more effective.
  • If you don’t think the TENS is helping you, take it off. You are in control of your labour and what is working for you. All other forms of pain relief, both medical and non-medical, are still open to you.