I take the proper steps to ensure your health and safety is protected.

Working with a placenta is no different than working with any other perishable food item so it is imperative that proper measures are taken to protect every single mother whose placenta is encapsulated. My placenta encapsulation specialists are obsessive about hygiene and safety. All the equipment is sanitized with hospital grade Accel CS-20; it is a Sporicidal, Tuberculocidal and Fungicidal and is specifically for instruments and devices that come into contact with blood and soft tissue.


The preparation area is properly sanitized.

You can feel confident that cross contamination from food or chemical residue from kitchen cleaner is never an issue.  Your placenta is gently handled in a manner that is respectful and complies with BC FoodSafe standards.  Equipped with a stainless steel sink, the entire work counter is sanitized with hospital grade disinfectant which is environmentally sound and decomposes rapidly in the waste and water system. 



All the equipment is thoroughly sanitized or disposed of.

All equipment that can be sanitized is sanitized after each encapsulation, followed by a hot water rinse. Anything that can NOT be sanitized because it has come into contact with raw placenta (gloves, sponges, cutting boards, aprons, face mask) is disposed of.



I ensure your placenta is kept on ice from the time I come to pick it up until the start of the encapsulation process.

The placenta, like any other meat, will be compromised by bacteria and/or viruses if it is not transported and handled in the proper manner. The instruction sheet you receive when I confirm your online booking submission will remind you to inform your care providers of the importance of correctly preparing your placenta by putting in the refrigerator. Most hospitals in BC are wonderful at preparing your placenta for transportation; if you choose to, you can take a single use Styrofoam cooler to the hospital and after the birth, the cooler can be filled with ice and the double bagged placenta placed inside it.



Confidential blood work of each mother is mandatory.

Each mother is required to have had a blood work done on STI or other blood borne illnesses.



At From Tummy To Mummy, your health and safety is our top priority.  If you have any questions or concerns about Placenta Encapsulation that I have not addressed here, please don’t hesitate to give me a ring or send me an email.